The Journal of Engineering Entrepreneurship


The Journal of Engineering ENtrepreneurship (JEEN) is a peer-reviewed international journal. JEEN aims to open an essential window of opportunity for an intellectual dialog between engineering entrepreneurship educators, researchers, and practitioners.

The twenty-first century is ushering in a new era of product development, one that calls for engineers to be entrepreneurs in developing innovative products. In this era, innovations will occur at a faster rate than ever before, and will be the handiwork of technical entrepreneurs. To be competitive, the next generation engineers should be trained in developing innovative products in an entrepreneurial environment. This requires a fundamental shift in the current teaching paradigms. To this end, JEEN provides a forum for discussing teaching innovations including the development of entrepreneurial mindset, pedagogies, case studies, appropriate use of technology, and assessment.

On the research frontier, JEEN focuses on advancing the understanding of the role of product innovation, the management of technology, start-up of technology ventures, marketing, financial, legal, and organizational issues in a start-up, psychological and behavioral aspects, and the role of entrepreneurs in corporate entrepreneurship.

JEEN highlights the state-of-the-art in the practice of engineering entrepreneurship. The discussion includes technology-transfer, entrepreneurship in emerging areas (such as nano-, info-, and bio-technologies, health-care engineering, and green engineering) and social entrepreneurship. Further, JEEN provides a strong international perspective by bringing global and cultural aspects of engineering entrepreneurship to the forefront.

Aim and Scope